The Vision

As the technological progress develops at a highly accelerated rate, the transformation and innovation are among the main drivers for rapid business growth. AuxBridge and its partners become increasingly passionate about our customers’ ecosystem continuous improvement.

AuxBridge provides key competitive advantage by integrating domestic and international one-of-a-kind R&D across multiple technology areas into customers’ ecosystem. We provide the industry’s #1 technologies, anticipating customer needs and managing new opportunities on the move.

Our advanced expertise in product and technologies localization opens up a broader agility and flexibility in transforming the results of research and development into tangible marketable products and services, bringing the invention to the marketplace.

Our Technology Transfer model creates new values both for the researchers and commercial partners, and through this interaction we determine the best path for commercialization of new technologies and inventions.

We do Technologies Transfer

AuxBridge, as Better Business Partner, focuses on Technologies Transfer, and helps our Partners and Customers to turn their business technological challenges into a key competitive advantage; providing the cutting edge solutions, optimizing infrastructure and generating the highest  benefits.

We deliver field-proven technological solutions, enabling world-class technology to meet our customers’ most important needs. We share our extensive expertise with our partners and create new business opportunities in a rapidly changing world.​​

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