Wireless Backhaul

The continuous evolution of mobile systems generations (2G, 3G, LTE) raises the requirements for mobile backhaul network. Even if optical fiber backhaul is the preferred practice, there are situations where cost, civil engineering difficulties or other practical problems make wireless backhaul links a viable alternative.
If you look for a wireless backhaul solutions tailored for your business needs – AuxBridge has the right technology for you. Our wireless backhaul solutions will improve the quality of your network by Increasing its transmission capacity, lowering latency, tightening synchronization and supporting new physical network topologies. 

Satellite Networking Technologies

Telecom technologies continually change our way and pace of life. We are all involved in the process of sharing the information over a distance. But our ability to communicate is always connected to the availability and capacity of communication networks.
AuxBridge is here to enhance the communication across the globe with satellite networking technologies, solutions and services. Our satellite solutions with deployment ability in both developed and emerging markets enable our customers to extend the network coverage within underserved or unserved areas.
We offer best of bread products and services for satellite-based broadband communication: next generation DVB-RCS VSAT HUBs and terminals, Broadband and satellite modems, fixed and satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) antennas, GaN based power amplifiers BUC/SSPB/SSPA, etc. Together with our field proven engineering and operational expertise we provide end-to-end turnkey services including installation, integration and managed services.

Our Offering

Wifi / 4G / LTE

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the approach to the network key requirements. With the rapid growth in mobile data traffic and network expanding into new territories and areas the problem of congestion in 3G networks due to heavy data utilizations has arisen.
With our Wi-Fi solutions designed to work in conjunction with 3G networks we deliver the unparalleled cost-effective, reliable, secure connectivity in both indoor and outdoor environments. 
Advanced Wi-Fi technology allows the seamless integration into the cellular operators’ network and initial expenditures reducing.

AuxBridge’s impressive record of providing access to custom designed, turnkey solutions for challenges of any size, coupled with wide-ranging resources of global expertise and local associates, makes us the perfect partner for any network infrastructure needs.

We offer a broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven, high-capacity solutions and provide end-to-end turnkey projects and integration to existing infrastructure. Our ability to deliver powerful and diversified telecom solutions is resulted in operational simplicity and business agility of our clients. We effectively collaborate, always looking for most efficient ways to serve our customers.

Advances in telecom technologies continue to create significant business opportunities and provide an intelligent, automated approach to IT management, offering speed and carrier-grade reliability while simplifying deployment and operation of network infrastructure. To achieve and maintain a competitive edge, action in telecom landscape needs to be taken today. That means deploying tried and true solutions, with proven devices, applications and rich ecosystem.

Direct wireless mobile communications

4G combined with mobile MESH IP communication that delivers ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication including HD video, data and VoIP.
Merges 4G communication technology with ‘Mobile Mesh’ networking to create a unified solution for various commercial applications. Provides private network solutions for Mission Critical Applications, without the need for any existing infrastructure. Adopts and support multiple network topologies on-the-move: Mobile Point to-Point, Mobile-Point-to-Multipoint, Mobile MESH, Extended MESH, and Collaborative MESH.

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