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HLS Solutions today

Homeland Security (HLS) technologies become increasingly important part of the domestic, cross-border and international security infrastructure. 

In the face of the vulnerabilities and incident trends, an efficient protection requires a flexible strategy that allows adaptation to the changing environment, well-defined policies and procedures, the use of innovative technologies.

Positioned at the forefront of today’s Homeland Security technologies, AuxBridge offers innovative Homeland Security solutions, enabling organizations to effectively and consistently implement their response plans, become more proactive and share information for a collaborative response.

Homeland Security

Our fields of expertise include Video Analytics and Situation Management solutions.
Video Analytics is becoming crucial tool for a new generation of information systems that empower law enforcement forces, first responders, and the emergency services, as well as official municipal authorities. This technology facilitates complex surveillance operations and transforms your security organization from reactive monitoring to proactive prevention. With state-of-the-art technological capabilities and expert consulting services to help you implement and operate Video Analytics systems, AuxBridge delivers technology that elevates simple surveillance to proactive security.

Situation Management Technology, one of the important aspects of homeland security infrastructure, increases situation awareness and improves security response. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise, and coordinating the response actions, Situation Management ensures the right response of the operational chain to all the arising threats. Situation Management technology reduces the risk of human error, improve security response, protect existing security investments and reduce operating costs by converging all security tools, communication systems, data sources and operating procedures into a single unified platform.