Financial Services

  • Equipment and Machinery Financing (imported or purchased locally)

  • Inventory Financing

  • Export Credit Agency Insurance and Financing

  • Financing via subsidization and support programs of Governmental agencies and International institutions

  • Commercial loans

  • Handling letters of credit for export and import

  • Handling contractual guarantees for export and import

  • Assistance in preparing business plans and feasibility studies.

  • Assistance with applications for insurance, support programs or financing and dealing with banks, credit insurers, local governmental organizations and international financial institutions.

  • Debt restructuring

  • Management of receivables

  • Risk management

  • Negotiations on banking facilities

AuxBridge supports its clients, as domestic as foreign, with major financial services, by offering the most efficient access to financial resources as well as the credit and investment risk mitigation. 

We doing that, operating in both: developed countries and emerging markets, by wide range of the financial and insurance solutions in the domestic and international markets.  We have a close working relationship with local banks, private and governmental credit insurers. At the same time we are very experienced in working with the foreign banks, export credit agencies, private insurers and international financial institutions and organizations.

Our expertise is to adapt the optimal "tailor made" financial solution to the specific need of each and every client. Such solutions include guaranties and LC's, trade finance and credit insurance, factoring, leasing, refinancing and restructuring of debt and other solutions improving cash flow, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

We provide following Key Solutions:

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